About Us

Company History

FOSHAN MITTAL GROUP MOTORCYCLE CO, LTD is a world renowned motorcycle parts and motorcycle batteries manufacturer and supplier. It was found in 2007 and since then it has seen tremendous growth. The group is proud of its core value to provide best quality products to customers at the best prices. 

FOSHAN MITTAL GROUP MOTORCYCLE CO, LTD now boasts an annual turnover of more than USD 18 Million. The group already has a global footprint, with the customers in Egypt, Morocco, Colombia, Argentina, Ethiopia, Somalia, Mexico, Kenya, Nigeria, Angola, Bangladesh, South Korea, India, Sudan, etc.

With the support of its customers and suppliers FOSHAN MITTAL GROUP MOTORCYCLE CO, LTD is constantly introducing new products in the market that are of high quality and competitive prices. FOSHAN MITTAL GROUP MOTORCYCLE CO, LTD is committed to provide best service to its customers so that all their needs can be met in one place.

With the dedication and commitment of its team, FOSHAN MITTAL GROUP MOTORCYCLE CO, LTD is positioned to gain leadership position in this space.

Why Choose Us


With almost 15 years of experience, we provide best quality motorcycle spare parts.



We are trusted by customers all over the world for all motorcycle spare part needs.



We provide good quality spare parts that can boost your motorcycle's performance.



All our products are highly cost-effective that make them a compelling choice.


Our Expertise

We meet all your motorcycle spare parts needs! 

Our products promise best quality as well as great performance that will surely enhance your ride experience on the road. Whether you are looking for a compatible replacement of your motorcycle parts or want to upgrade your existing motorcycle performance, we have all the solutions with us. 

Our large product range including engine parts, electric parts, brake and transmission parts, and other spare parts and accessories satisfy every motorcycle lover’s demands. 

Our spare parts will surely improve the overall performance and appearance of your motorcycles.

Best Quality

FOSHAN MITTAL GROUP MOTORCYCLE CO, LTD is renowned for the highest quality products.

Value for Money

Premium motorcycle spare parts that are rugged, yet cost-effective.

Customer Support

Our responsive customer support team is always available for your help.


Our stringent quality assurance processes ensure our products last for years.

Skillful Team

One of the core focus of  FOSHAN MITTAL GROUP MOTORCYCLE CO, LTD has been to put in place a team that is experienced, knowledgeable, customer-focused and quality conscious. We take pride in our team and all the customer praises we receive for them.